Entertainment: Always Keeping Life Interesting
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Entertainment: Always Keeping Life Interesting

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Entertainment: Always Keeping Life Interesting

Playing For Prizes — A Fun Way To Compete

Colleen Gilbert

If you haven't felt challenged lately while playing golf, hosting a golf competition is a great way to stay on top of your game. A competition can feature various prizes that will encourage you and your golfing pals to strive to perform well.

The Challengers And The Reservation

First, select a group of challengers who are open to the idea of taking part in an impromptu competition. The competition should be held for entertainment purposes only. 

Once you have your golfing group squared away, reserve space at a local golf venue. You and your golf companions can take part in a competition that is held at a favored golf course. It can also be challenging and a little more interesting to reserve space at a golf course that is unfamiliar to you and your competition.

Spending time at a new golf course will put you and your competition on even ground. Nobody will be certain of what the golf course will feature, which can add a bit of surprise to the competition.

The Rules

You and your friends will need to come up with some rules for the competition. Standard golf rules can be used during the competition. You can also incorporate new rules, which do not follow the standard golfing guidelines. Make sure that everyone is in agreement concerning how the competition will unfold.

Be prepared to spend a normal amount of time on the course. Although you and your friends will be participating in a private competition, everyone in your golf group will still need to be courteous to other golfers who wish to use the course.

The Prizes

Choosing prizes can be a group effort. This will ensure that one or more golfers are not investing more money into the prizes than the others. Purchasing golf clothing, balls, and other gear to use as prizes are ideas that you and your friends may consider. If this prize type is selected, each person can chip in toward the prize.

Taking the winner out for a celebratory night on the town is an alternate prize idea that may appeal to you and your companions. Select one or two prizes to award to the winners of the competition. 

Assign a scorekeeper to keep track of each player's score as you and your friends make your way through the golf course. At the end of the competition, announce the winners of the golf event.

To get started, contact a golf course in your area such as Camelot Golf & Country Club.